Friday March 28, 2008

Bottled Water Mis-Delivery

We buy five-gallon bottles of (Arrowhead) spring water for drinking and cooking. Today was delivery day. We got the empties collected last night; we had 5 empties. (Last month, they didn't take away the empties because we forgot to put them out and the driver didn't knock or ring the bell.) We already have 6 full bottles in stock so we really don't need a lot of new water.

Rich put a note around the neck of one of the bottles requesting 1 bottle of water. I was up at 7 am and put the empties on the porch by 7:30.

When Rich opened the front door to leave the house to drive to work, there were 5 bottles of water on the porch. One of the new bottles had the original "order form" note carefully transferred to the neck. I looked at it. It was one of the old Calistoga order forms, so the driver could have been confused but... why didn't he ring the bell and ask?

(Why didn't he ring the bell, period? We're getting tired of stealth delivery. We'd much prefer someone else carry those five-gallon bottles of water up the stairs. 1 gallon of water equals 8.33 lbs. 41.6 lbs is heavy.)

So, I called Arrowhead customer service. I said "We were here all morning. No one knocked or rang the bell." She said "It sounds like this has happened before."

I explained that w prefer that the driver let us know when he makes the delivery because we like to have him bring the bottles into the house. I said "I can bring the bottle in today, but we do not need 5 bottles."

The cust. service rep told me that there's a minimum delivery requirement and we must accept two of something, so I said "OK; we'll keep 2 bottles. But please take the other 3 away." She said she didn't know if that could be done before Monday but, in any case, a supervisor would call me within the hour.

I went out to the porch and brought in 2 bottles of water.

The supervisor called about 15 minutes later and said the driver would be back within half an hour. I had an errand to run and I had already brought in the bottles we were keeping. I saw no reason to wait just to discover if the driver would ring the bell this time. Surely he could take away 3 bottles of water without supervision.

I got in the car and drove away for my errand. I was back half an hour later.

When I pulled into the driveway, there were (still) 3 bottles of water on the porch. I thought "Well, he wasn't here in the next half hour."

Then I got to the porch and saw the "Sorry we missed you" note stuck on the door. It said "Came by to bring bottles inside. Sorry I missed you."

No. It was Come Back to Take Bottles Away.

I called Arrowhead. I spoke to another customer service rep. She said I was down in the computer for a return visit on Monday to take away 3 bottles. I said "Yes, but he came a little while ago and he did NOT take away the bottles. I don't care if it's today or Monday but whenever he comes he should take the bottles. And he was back today."

She said a supervisor would call.

The supervisor called. He said "My guy says he went back and no one answered the door." I said "It's nice that he knocked but he was supposed to take away the 3 bottles we don't need. I shouldn't have been necessary for me to stay home to watch him do that."

I managed to explain. The supervisor got the driver on the radio. The driver said "That's three trips up that hill in this truck today!"

And I thought... Yes, and whose fault is that anyway?

I was awake at 7am and put the empties on the porch before the truck arrived. We left a note requesting just one new bottle of water. We were home all morning.

Our doorbell works (I tested it); no one rang the bell. If the driver knocked, he did so very quietly.

I wonder what will happen next month?

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