Sunday February 24, 2008

How Do You Decorate Your Cubicle?

There are times when I am so happy I work in Tech...

To see if people's professional image is affected by what's displayed in their offices, and how recruiters view job candidates who mention personal topics, researchers conducted two separate studies with corporate managers and recruiters.

The verdict? "Family photos, kids' artwork, and favorite knickknacks help personalize an office work space, but too many personal touches reflect poorly on an employee's professional image," says Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, who teaches management at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business (, and conducted the studies with two colleagues. Too much is about 22%: If more than one in five objects in your cubicle are non-work-related, others may regard you as less than serious about your job.

Ask Annie by Annie Fisher, Fortune senior writer; February 22 2008

Not from where I sit...

I work in a large US web/tech Company. You've heard of it. :-)

One of our managers has an inflatable Tyrannasaurus in his cube. One of our editors has her collection of piggies - stuffed, plastic, glass, ceramic, .... My cubicle is full of small stuffed toys with magnets in their paws. Several of my co-workers have D&D models prominently displayed.

No one we work with would consider that any of us are less than serious about our work. In fact, I might wonder more about the people who have close to nothing personal in their cubes. After all, if you spend 8 hours a day (or more) in this little box, it should be pleasant.

Years ago, I knew, walking into one interview, that I didn't want to work for that company. Everyone had either one plant, one photo, or one mug (but nothing else and no more than one item) on their beige desk in their grey cubicle. Ugh.

A few days later, I went to another interview. I knew immediately that I wanted to work for a company where the employees proudly displayed posters, nerf balls, plants, toys, and life-sized posters of Captain Kirk. I accepted that job — and worked for Apple Computer for 12 years.

In the tech industry, it's what you do that counts — not how you decorate your cube.

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