Wednesday February 6, 2008

The Nissan Cube

I'm a great fan of Toyota automobiles; I've had three. The Camry has more than 150,000 on it now. We put over 200,000 miles on our Corolla and it never flinched. (The only reason we don't have the Corolla anymore is we couldn't fit three cars in the driveway!)

That third car is a Scion xB which I absolutely love, more than any car I've ever driven. It wouldn't be difficult to get me into another Toyota at this point and it would take something special to make me look at another brand.

Nissan just came out with something special: The Nissan Cube.

Cube-1 You see, I'm a little bit peeved with Toyota at the moment. In redesigning the Scion xB for the 2008 model year and they made some very unwise decisions.

They took a car with more headroom and visibility than pretty much anything on the road and they... squooshed it. They lowered the roof. They "smoothed" the lines. They took away two windows.

The Nissan Cube is a box. It has headroom; it has cargo room; it has windows. (It appears, from the photo, to actually have a little more window than my xB!)

This is not a sports car. It's not an SUV. I don't want a sports car or an SUV. I want a small, yet comfortable, car that fits four people without crowding, gets me around town, parks readily, and holds whatever I buy on a shopping trip. Oh yes, I also want a car that lets me see what's going on around me when other drivers decide to hug my fender... and I want a car in which my 6-ft spouse won't bump his head.

Perhaps when the Nissan Cube starts selling in the US, Toyota will realize the error of their ways and re-redesign the Scion xB back to its original, charming, boxy self.

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