Friday January 25, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_04

It's been raining for most of the week. I've enjoyed watching the weather widget on my desktop. Occasionally it changes to "partly sunny" but that doesn't last very long. Mostly it's been showing rain.





Rich got back from his trip on Sunday afternoon. I was expecting him to call when the plane landed but when it approached half an hour past ETA I decided we'd gotten our wires crossed (or his cell phone wasn't working) and I drove to the airport.

Rich was waiting at the curb. He said he hadn't been waiting long. Yes, the battery on the cell phone was out. He hadn't thought about calling collect. Oh well. No harm done.

When we got home we discovered he wouldn't have been able to call the house in any case. The line was "off hook" ... somewhere. Rich tracked the problem down to the machine room – a not-very-good telephone we rarely use had flaked out.

Rich brought home a San Jose Taiko DVD from Santa Barbara. It was better than I had expected. It all sounds the same but it's interesting to watch. :-)

Monday was one of those peculiar holidays that may or may not be observed depending where you work. Rich and I both had the day off.

I work from home on Tuesdays, so the segue from 3-day weekend to workweek was nice and gentle.

At about 7pm on Tuesday night, I was sooo sleepy. It felt like 11 or midnight. I decided to go lie down.

Mezzaluna came and lay on my chest. Bebop went up on top of a tall cabinet — dresser to book shelf to cabinet.

Two hours later, Bebop came down — straight down from top of the cabinet to the bed.

Cat Quake!

Aack! I'm awake!

So I went out to the living room and read for a couple of hours.

We had our monthly Beer and Scripting Sig (informal techie dinner) on Wednesday. We had 12 people, the second-largest group we've ever had. Good conversation; good pizza.

From a mailing list at Work, in a discussion of "old-time computer users":

"You kids have it much too easy. In my day, we had to play World of Warcraft on punch cards. Um, except it was D&D... and we were using the punch cards as scrap paper..."

This week I read two new mystery series debuts: Catnapped, by Gabriella Herkert and The Cosmic Clues, by Manjiri Prabhu.

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter. I've been bopping around in Twitter, finding new people to follow.

And the rain, rain, rain, keeps falling.

Onward and Upward.

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