Tuesday January 15, 2008

They're A Telephone Company

I set up a web account with AT&T today. It was ... different. As has become standard, they send out a confirmation number. Without that number, you cannot complete registration.

What's weird, though, is they send the confirmation number by telephone. They tell you to expect an automated phone call, "within 10 minutes" . You sit and wait and eventually the phone rings.

This is AT&T. This is not a sales call. Your web registration confirmation number is
Does anyone else share the problem I have with getting all of the digits written down when they're all spoken in a mechanical monotone at precisely the same spacing? I got them all... there were only 8 digits. If there had been many more I think I'd have lost track. And no, there doesn't seem to be a "repeat please" button.

If you don't want them to call, there is another option. They'll mail you the code... by USnail.

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