Tuesday January 1, 2008

Twitterings - December 2007

These are my Twitter entries (including Snibbles) for December.
  • Snibbles: Ratatouille: Have you seen it yet? It's WONderful! http://tinyurl.com/2y2msu 03:37 AM December 05
  • Snibbles: Cranberry Sauce: We found a simple and tasty recipe for cranberry sauce. http://tinyurl.com/3e42n7 03:33 AM December 09
  • Got my Pleo yesterday! Woke him up and petted him. Cats were... fascinated (from a safe distance). 08:30 AM December 11
  • Brought Pleo into Work today to show off. I do wish he went for more than an hour on a charge though. Not much time. 11:33 AM December 12
  • My Pleo has a name. I'm calling him Yoshi. 04:10 PM December 12
  • Default Folder X v. 4 has a new UI. White text on a black background. I hate it. I _really_ hate it. :-( 11:13 AM December 17
  • St. Clair Software (Default Folder X) has great customer support. MIne was not the only complaint. They'll be adding options for "look". 07:07 AM December 18
  • @gruber (MacWorld) we're leaning the same way. Last few years == lots of people, nothing really special. Not worth the time and $$. :-( 06:03 PM December 18
  • Snibbles: People Quit People: Ken Siegel, president of the Impact Group, says "People quit people, t.. http://tinyurl.com/3864yn 03:34 AM December 19
  • Slightly Off Kilter: Treasures 2007_50: The human spirit needs places where nature ha.. http://tinyurl.com/27fwz3 03:30 PM December 19
  • @jowyang Twitter Wish List: ability to reply to a specific tweet (and have that ne get linked). Also groups, oh please, groups. 08:58 AM December 20
  • "It's called the 'Hungry Man All Day Breakfast,' and it's threatening to turn people into manatees." http://tinyurl.com/djl9 10:44 AM December 20
  • One of my co-workers has brought in home-made peanut butter cups. They're AWEsome. I'll be in chocolate heaven all day. 10:51 AM December 20
  • @adamengst - that's worse than when the cat walked on a combinaion that made my laptop keyboard lock up! (hoorah for switching to BBEdit). 02:51 PM December 20
  • I'm been noticing how many tweets are pieces of a conversation... interesting. New people to follow, too. 02:57 PM December 20
  • @jowyang - zabasearch isn't as disturbing when your last name is in the standard box of Crayola crayons... 03:02 PM December 20
  • @adamengst - fun to read too. Fly free, little duodecaduple! 03:52 PM December 20
  • Our XO laptop arrived yesterday. Way Cute. Give One Get One continues thru Dec 31. http://laptopgiving.org 09:20 AM December 21
  • @jowyang - yeah. That works all year. I'll go with Happy Holidays. It makes no assumptions about the person I'm talking to. 09:42 AM December 21, 2007
  • Even the Post Office gets "holidays" 09:43 AM December 21
  • @andybeal @jowyang - I've been "Twitter Jacking" for ages. I thought everyone did that. But why did you choose that name? ... from "lift"? 01:24 PM December 21
  • Snibbles: XO Laptop: There's still time to Give One Get One. http://tinyurl.com/29ve7u 03:37 PM December 21
  • Snibbles: Bumble Bee Chicken Salad: Chicken Salad with Crackers, Mixed and ready to eat. http://tinyurl.com/2v5nbl 03:37 PM December 21
  • Sitting on the couch with two laptops - one computer, one cat. The best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 02:49 PM December 22
  • I tried "Little Snitch". I haven't been this annoyed by an app since the early days of Norton AntiVirus. 09:55 AM December 24
  • @rands - gosh. Only two monitors? How do you stand it? :-) 10:32 AM December 26
  • The Pixar Shorts DVD case has a sticker that says "Contains Never-Before-Seen Footage on DVD". Um, "footage"...? on DVD? 01:08 PM December 26
  • How cold is too cold? A co-worker is working at home, doesn't like to turn on the heat. His living room temp is 52F. That's Too Cold! 01:45 PM December 27
  • Rich swears by Tylenol Sinus. I can no longer buy (original formulation) Actifed. What's this country coming to? http://tinyurl.com/2wjvqf 02:21 PM December 27
  • Mac OS X never gives me trouble... until the new release is out and I don't upgrade. Then it starts to crumble. 2 crashes in 2 days. :( 02:27 PM December 28
  • Snibbles: XO colors: I've discovered that XO laptops have different color schemes on the covers. http://tinyurl.com/2akepm 03:32 AM December 29
  • Snibbles: Warm Blankets: My electric blanket brings back memories. http://tinyurl.com/2vrntd 03:32 AM December 29
  • Snibbles: Cherry and Chili: Today we discovered the Lindt Creation 70% Cherry and Chili chocolate bar.. http://tinyurl.com/2rntln 03:35 PM December 30, 2007
  • Called my parents in Pennsylvania. Happy 2008 EST. 140 minutes left in 2007 here. 09:41 PM December 31, 2007

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