Saturday December 1, 2007

Twitterings - November 2007

These are my Twitter entries for November.
  • We have a Mandatory "Corp Purpose, Strategy and Culture" meeting scheduled from 3:15 to 6:15 pm today. I'm so not looking forward to this. 01:25 PM November 01
  • The meeting this afternoon is not only mandatory but with seating assignments. Welcome to adult kindergarten in Silicon Valley. 01:26 PM November 01
  • Enjoying the sun being up (just barely) when the alarm clock goes off. More light when I get to work. At least for a few weeks. 10:09 AM November 05
  • Scary comparison: Yahoo! vs Google front page. Time lapsed: 10 years. 10:11 AM November 05
  • Dentist. Cleaning. We think this is the modern age but we still poke people's mouths with metal picks. Yeesh. 10:38 AM November 06
  • Nerf darts flying past overhead in two directions. I'm a noncombatant. (if any land in my cube, I get to keep them. :-) 11:04 AM November 07
  • CalTrain had mechanical problems tonight. What should have been a 13 minutes trip took 90 minutes longer, much spent stopped, lights out. 08:31 PM November 08
  • Snibbles: Intel Rock Music Video: IT Gets Easier with Hard Mets Soft at Weird, wacky, and.. 04:40 AM November 11
  • Snibbles: Free Rice: Do you have a virtuoso vocabulary? For each word you get right, Free Rice donat.. 04:36 AM November 12
  • Just ordered my "Give One Get One" XO laptop. Have you oredered yours? 08:50 AM November 12
  • Just got my flu shot. Nurse/Tech was excellent. I barely felt the needle. 11:19 AM November 12
  • Slightly Off Kilter: Treasures 2007_44,45: I believe a leaf of grass is no less than .. 04:31 PM November 13
  • Snibbles: Midnighters: Recommended: Midnighters fantasy trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. 04:37 PM November 13
  • Things Not to Say at the Family Thanksgiving Table - 10:18 AM November 14
  • @Veronica - it's especially fun when your client autoresponds to Twitter with an "away" message. 12:39 PM November 14
  • oh my. The Ambient Umbrella lets you know when rain is forecast by illuminating the handle. Data from AccuWeather. 01:36 PM November 16
  • Snibbles: Sorceror's Academy: Edited by Denise Little, this is a "shared World" collection. 03:36 AM November 19
  • On the side of a bus: "World Savings Bank is now Wachovia". And this is more memorable... how? 03:50 PM November 19
  • Slightly Off Kilter: Treasures 2007_46: It was one of those perfect English autumnal .. 03:31 AM November 20
  • Installing TWiki clone. At it for many days. "Clone" means weird internal mods required. Nontrivial. Finally, PROGRESS. Page on Screen! YES! 01:37 PM November 20
  • I have invented the term "hokey pokey progress". One step forward, one step back, a little shaky... turn around and repeat. 01:48 PM November 20
  • Hunting down a (beep!) smoke alarm w/low battery. Listening for the (beep!) at 60 sec intervals. Walk. Stop. Listen. Turn. Walk. Stop.... 08:54 AM November 21
  • Giving Thanks. On a day in which our focus is placed on faith, family, feasting and fellowship... 10:37 AM November 21
  • Snibbles: Moebius Transformations Revealed: A short film depicting the beauty of Moebius Transformat.. 04:15 PM November 22
  • Snibbles: Aptera: Have you seen the Aptera? It's the car George Jetson might drive. 04:13 PM November 24
  • Snibbles: One Laptop Per Child: Give One. Get One. Program extended through Dec 31, 2007. 04:12 PM November 25
  • Snibbles: Squishable: OMG! Cute giant balls of squishy love. Squishable stuffed animals . 03:37 AM November 27
  • Putting together a short demo for the TWiki User Meetup on Thursday. 06:27 PM November 27
  • Fighting a JavaScript oddity. Click and nothing happens. Refresh and whoa, it did happen. But.. it's supposed to be happen in realtime. 09:55 AM November 29
  • I run WordPress for two Blogging Memes. "Akismet has caught 22,640 spam for you since you installed it." Is that more good or more scary? 10:41 PM November 30

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