Monday December 31, 2007

2007 - Year's End

Year's end,
all corners
of this floating world, swept.

-- Basho
All in all, it's been a good year.


  • Four cats. Soft fur.
  • Richard; my best friend.
  • I have a job that, most of the time, I like.
  • I have Co-workers I like.
  • The SF Bay Area — a good place to live.
  • Plenty of books.
  • We have our health.
  • Rich has a job.
  • Madeline Isabella Carranza

A Look Back...

  • I discovered MagNICI stuffed toys

  • Rich's niece had a baby girl.

  • I love the smell of chocolate in the air at the train station in the morning.

  • "Enya no es humana, es de la raza de los elfos"

  • There was major sewer construction on our street.

  • Our favorite SF parking lot was co-opted as a basketball court and exercise yard.

  • I moved to a nice cubicle at the Job.

  • We did some cleanup, practicing Discardia, donating to Freecycle, taking old computer junk to Weird Stuff.

  • I went through my drawers and closets today and culled out a lot of clothes that I don't (or can't) wear. I filled a dozen grocery bags to donate. Then I rearranged drawers and cupboards.

  • Rich had hernia surgery.

  • We got a new flat-panel LCD television, great for watching DVDs. We hooked the Mac mini up to it. BIG screen.

  • We had a team offsite at work - lunch and bowling. I got one strike.

  • Rich bought an Intel MacBook.

  • We had out-of-town visitors. A friend of Rich's from Maryland came here to give a presentation. Rich's brother came to take a class. Rich's brother came back (with Rich's sister-in-law) on a vacation trip.

  • We went visiting out of town ourselves. Rich and I took a day trip to Cambria; we saw pelicans, seals, otters and had lunch with friends and family. Rich took a trip to Colorado.

  • We enjoyed the fireworks at Stanford

  • I got a new manager at the Job; we get along well.

  • I held a bird!

  • I've been chatting with my sister over IM.

  • I've been using Twitter.

  • I got my sister using Twitter.

  • I bought a digital photoframe and loaded photos of the cats so I can have them at the Job.

  • The city finally repaved a major street through town.

  • Rich ended his contract and started another job.

  • We went to a Leopards, Etc. "show"

  • We went to the Millbrae Art Fair

  • I learned to make "fried cheese" (sort of almost like Saganaki)

  • I was asked to help create a set of TWiki pages for a CTO search and interviews.

  • Rich started taking the train. We ride together for his part of the trip.

  • Mac OS X Leopard shipped

  • There are mousies at the Mountain View CalTrain stattion.

  • We found a local pizza place we like.

  • I improved our home TWiki site.

  • Snibbles launched.

  • We attended the TWiki User Meet-up — my presentation was well received!

  • My Pleo arrived. I took him to work.

  • My sister ran a marathon.

  • Our XO laptop arrived. I got to try networking with another XO.

  • It's been one year running on our Mac mini server — upgrading to Mac OS X was a good idea.

A quiet week working at home, bracketed by two long weekends.

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