Saturday December 29, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up 2007_52

This was the last full week of 2007...

The weather was chilly this week, with temps in the 40s (F). That's unusual for where we live. We also had another couple of nights with rain and a bunch of foggy evenings.

I put together a zip archive of my November TWiki Meetup presentation. That only took a month. :-(

This week, for the first time ever, Wikipedia let me down! I looked something up and it wasn't there! So, I registered with Wikipedia and wrote my first Wikipedia entry. Hah!

This was a holiday week, and the last workweek of the year. Rich had Monday and Tuesday off. I had Tuesday off.

I didn't take any vacation time, so I worked (from home) the rest of the week. I finished the major items on my Task list. Now I have a four-day weekend coming up.

We had our usual Christmas Dinner at a "heathen restaurant" (Rich's word choice; I like it!). The Thai place in Pacifica was open. We had Miang Kum (yum), stuffed chicken wings, and Praram chicken. Rich also had duck curry. The presentation is lovely on the curry, with fresh cherry tomatoes and spinach.

We had our monthly Beer and Scripting dinner this week. We took the XO laptop along. One of the other attendees brought his XO too; he'd only just picked his up at the PO today.

With two XO's available, we could try connecting! It's nicely done (if slow). After a while the other XO just shows up on the "Neighborhood" screen. Then you can "talk" to each other and share applications.

Our waiter was very interested. He kept coming over to watch.

I also discovered that different XO's have different color schemes for the logo on the case. I've started a "collection".

Borders Marshmallow N Holly

We stopped into Borders Books on Wednesday night. I fell in love with the seasonal display of Marshmallow and Holly. Marshmallow is a happy baby polar bear and Holly is his friend, a fairy.

Marshmallow and Holly are the creations of Kei Acedera, one of the talented artists at Imaginism Studios.

This week, I upgraded from my 160 GB Oyen Digital external USB drive to a 250 GB. Rich will take over the 160 as his portable drive.

I had a disturbing moment the first morning I started using the 250. All of a sudden, it powered down and didn't come back. It didn't unmount. It simply wasn't there. I ended up rebooting the computer to reset everything.

A note to Oyen Digital support and some experimentation explained the problem. It seems that the 250 GB drive needs more power — which means a) use both USB connectors and b) don't hook it up at the same time as another drive. I had both hooked up, with only one connector each.

When I ran the 250 as the only USB drive connected, it ran all day while I worked. It's been running steadily ever since.

I had a neat lucid dream on Thursday night. I was driving somewhere and realized I was dreaming, so I just enjoyed the trip and the scenery.

This week I read Unnatural Selection, by Aaron Elkins. Skip the prologue. It's nasty and doesn't add to the story. Otherwise, this is a good book and an intriguing puzzle.

I also read Touch the Dark, first in a new urban fantasy series by Karen Chance (Vampires and Ghosts and Magic, Oh My!) And I read The Far Side of Forever, a light fantasy by Sharon Green. (This is one of her earlier works; later books are better...)

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward to 2008...

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