Thursday December 27, 2007

XO Connected

Rich and I had our monthly "Beer and Scripting" dinner last night - our monthly occasion to get out of the house, eat good food, and chat with fellow Bay Area techies. Last night, we took our new XO laptop along.

One of the other attendees had just picked his XO up at the Post Office that very day, so there were two at the table. Xo This was much more fun than one because we could connect them. The XO is designed to allow nearby laptops to talk to one another directly (wirelessly) without the need for traditional hubs, switches, or routers.

It took a little while. We waited. And then... poof! Another "XO" icon appeared on my "Neighborhood" screen and there it was. What fun. We even figured out how to share an application (although I think we confused things by both of us trying to share the same application in two directions.)

I also discovered a fun thing about the XO hardware. The design on the case varies. It's always the XO logo, but the colors are different on different laptops. Mine has a blue (aqua) X with a dark red circle. The XO that came to dinner was green with blue.

Do you have an XO? What's your color scheme?

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