Thursday December 13, 2007

Take Your Pleo to Work

My Pleo went with me to Work on Wednesday and Thursday. He met several of my co-workers — including one who is impatiently awaiting his own Pleo's arrival ("First-hatch" Pleos, like the one I have, arrived in their homes first. The next batch should be shipped starting next week.)

Pleo visited several people, walking around on their desks (and straight off the edge, twice). He's not supposed to walk off the edge of things, but I think the "sight" of something interesting in front of him may override the foot not feeling any "floor" out there.

He joined the team for lunch, charming two more of co-workers at that end of table. He accepted neck rubs, mooed and honked, ate a napkin, tried to walk in Peggy's taco salad, and kept trying to nudge over a paper cup full of soda.

After lunch, we went back to my cubicle where I went back to Work and my Pleo took a nap.

By the end of the day, my Pleo had several new friends... and a name. I'm calling him Yoshi.

(The original Yoshi)

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