Monday November 19, 2007

Slippery When Wet

I've been taking CalTrain from the Millbrae "Intermodal" station since June 2006.

When I first started using the station, I noticed the large (approx 20 ft diameter) decorative tile circle in the center of the station. The tile is glazed and very smooth. If you're walking quickly across it, it's slippery on a dry day. It's very slippery when wet.

During the winter months, I've noticed that CalTrain/BART surrounds this area with orange traffic cones on wet days. So, they understand this area can be slippery.

But, come on! Now it's difficult to walk through the center area (because a large portion is blocked off). People still pass between the cones and walk across the tile. People in the station are always in a hurry, always running. Someone is going to slip and fall.

How hard would it be to apply a coating of some rubbery non-skid material to this area? Is that one-time cost so prohibitive that it's easier to have someone lay out traffic cones on rainy days for 5 months of the year? Is the glossy shine of those tiles worth the potential of a fallen passenger?

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