Thursday November 1, 2007

Twitterings - October 2007

These are my Twitter entries for October.
  • The AC doesn't work well in the older model CalTrains. On the other hand, the car isn't crowded. And I'm under the air vent. :-) 05:22 PM October 01, 2007
  • Our favorite grocery store is being remodeled. The front windows are covered in plywood, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Claustrophobic. 08:10 PM October 01, 2007
  • I'll be shopping at a different store until the windows are uncovered. 08:11 PM October 01, 2007
  • Working from home; surrounded by fur. Cat by my left hand. Cat above the keyboard. This is the way Work should be. 03:01 PM October 02, 2007
  • Interesting article "shedding some light as to why introverts are the way they are and do the things they do". 06:38 PM October 03, 2007
  • 7am - The consolation prize for being up this early is that the sky is spectacular. 07:13 AM October 04, 2007
  • I want a personal cellphone jammer. :-( 08:14 AM October 04, 2007
  • One of the "advantages" of being near a window on the first floor - the landscape guy is outside with the weedwacker. :-( 09:27 AM October 04, 2007
  • On this side of the glass, I have two layers of sound-isolating earphones (in-ear buds and over-the-ear cups). Landscape guy has nothing. 09:35 AM October 04, 2007
  • Trying to decide if I should upgrade Groupcal from or wait to see if iCal to Exchange sync is part of Mac OS X Leopard. 11:15 AM October 04, 2007
  • overheard from the next cube: "My keyboard smells like donuts" 14:30 PM October 04, 2007
  • Registered with twitterfeed. I'm going to experiment with feeding my weblog entries into twitter. 07:20 PM October 06, 2007
  • Reading up on lifestreaming today. 07:20 PM October 06, 2007
  • We've got a large pot of our Beef Veggie Soup in the oven. 02:41 PM October 07, 2007
  • I've discovered There's a productivity reducer! 08:33 AM October 09, 2007
  • I've been up since 5:30 am (I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep). I'm not exactly sleepy, not exactly awake. Headache rising. :-( 09:39 AM October 09, 2007
  • @kbwilson92: how long does it take for a turtle to go 20 miles? 10:50 AM October 10, 2007
  • What's even better than a cupcake? An unexpected cupcake! 03:36 PM October 10, 2007
  • cool; thanks @rands! : 03:47 PM October 10, 2007
  • Cube with window. Window faces west. Building across the street has window facing east. REFLECTION of Sun in Window across street. Glare. 08:40 AM October 11, 2007
  • Walked through the courtyard between buildings. The landscapers have mowed. Smells of damp, sun-warmed, fresh-cut grass. Saw a dragonfly. 01:47 PM October 11, 2007
  • The sky has clouded over. Weather forecast is for more rain tomorrow. Time to head for home. 03:56 PM October 11, 2007
  • @mindful: Steady, dripping rain outside the window. Cat sleeping above my monitor. A good day to work from home. 12:02 PM October 12, 2007
  • Pouring rain here on the SF Peninsula. IM'd friends report heavy rain in the South and East Bay. The Wet season has officially begun. 01:37 PM October 12, 2007
  • We don't get "Winter" here. We get "Wet". 01:38 PM October 12, 2007
  • @jbb - actually, I don't think that particular "chat room etiquette" exists... and some of us have no problem with scoble's multiposts. 02:11 PM October 12, 2007
  • 3pm. Quiet afternoon. Rain still falling. Cat is making sleepy sounds. End of the work week approaching. Looking forward to the weekend. 03:03 PM October 12, 2007
  • Good weekend. Quiet, restful; nothing urgent. Work tomorrow (with the attendant 70 minute o/w commute). Time for bed. 10:59 PM October 14,
  • Creating a quick internal survey with SuperSimpleSurvey (Php; Discovered in 2005; Nice tool. Quick and easy. 10:40 AM October 15,
  • The Tallking Moose lives again (in Mac OS X). 02:14 PM October 15,
  • The sky is clouding over. Getting greyer by the minute. Weather forecast claims rain. 02:44 PM October 15,
  • @alexkingorg - I know a guy who once flew to NYC just to ask the question "Do you have an extension cord?" 02:59 PM October 15,
  • @mindful - Sleepy weather. A small bird just plucked a bug from the bush outside my window. 03:03 PM October 15,
  • Finished my blog post for Blog Action Day. Did you write one? 08:39 PM October 15,
  • If you have a kitty, this video is priceless. 10:08 AM October 16,
  • @dailytwitter - I probably have some of those missing letters. I tend to double-up when I type too fast, usually o's. Do you need any o's? 10:59 AM October 16,
  • I have often wondered why cats smell of cinnamon. (At least, mine do. I don't know about yours.) 02:39 PM October 16,
  • Spied a hawk on the corner of the roof across the street this morning. The crows were pitching a fit. The hawk was ignoring them. 08:17 AM October 17,
  • Just walked across the street (and back) wearing the wrong glasses (Duh). These aren't "Transitions". Ack! Big. Bright. Ball. In Sky! 03:30 PM October 17,
  • @alexkingorg - oooh. yum. I Love ham & cheese croissants! 03:38 PM October 17,
  • @adamengst - the "Death to HTML email" crowd is gonna love this. 03:40 PM October 17,
  • Soothing sounds of musical chimes playing in the background. If you like this kind of thing: (Mac or Win) 12:46 PM October 18,
  • A Guide To Shelf Life from Business week: 09:12 AM October 23,
  • I am eating the Last of the Veggie Soup. (When you cook soup in a large turkey roaster, it takes a long time to get through it all.) 12:59 PM October 23,
  • Mac OS X Coonsipracy Theory - when the next release is iminent, the "soon-to-be-previous" release starts getting unstable. 01:30 PM October 23,
  • Great thing about workng for a large company - external speakers. Just got back from hearing Michael Lopp (@rands; 04:24 PM October 29,
  • I've upgraded to Movable Type 4. It's... different. Will takes some getting used to, but I think I'll like it. 09:25 AM October 30,
  • MT 4 has syntax highlighting and tag checking. That's good. 09:28 AM October 30,
  • Happy Halloween! 07:24 AM October 31,
  • Mozilla "keywords" are really handy when you can't remember the weird internal URL... 09:18 AM October 31,

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