Sunday October 28, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up 2007_43

The weather was a bit cool but pretty all week.

Harry Homeowner (Rich's alter-ego) put boards on the feet of our teak coffee table and we put that on top of the pine coffee table to make a two-level thing at one end of the screenporch. Now the far end of the porch is less crowded and we can get to the windows to open them.

The cats approve of the new arrangement.

I made a new web in our local TWiki for a project Rich is working on. Then I went through all of our TWiki users, checking group affiliation and setting the UserForm fields if not set. I made a page, Main.UserAffiliations, that lists all users in the TWiki with their affiliation. Handy.

A bird got into the building where I work. I rescued him and took him outside.

Several of my co-workers at the Job have been trying Circus Ponies NoteBook. We finally ordered a 3-user license for use in our team.

The company s/w ordering process is difficult and byzantine. I needed help and it took over a week before we finally had the license numbers. Feh!

The cafeteria at Work was serving a toasted meatball sandwich all week. (I sent them this suggestion a few weeks ago). It was yummy. I had one on each of 3 different days :-).

Screaming Monkey

One of my co-workers brought in a flying slingshot screamer monkey. Eeeyyyaahhheeeyyy!

Rich and I did our monthly "Beer and Scripting SIG" at our favorite pizzeria. We had a total of 9 people this month.

The drive home was nasty because of night construction on 280. Then, when we got home, Rich remembered that we were supposed to go past someone's house in the City and pick up a pair of Freecycle rollerblades. (headslap) .

So we put the leftover pizza in the fridge and drove back into SF. On the second trip homeward, we took 101. There was construction there too, but northbound. And there was little traffic by 11:45 at night.

 Users Vlb Library Application-Support Ecto Attachments Perigeeapogee Strip Sunspots

There was a full moon on Thursday night. According to

This week's full Moon (Oct. 25-26) is the biggest full Moon of 2007. It's no illusion. Some full Moons are genuinely larger than others and Thursday night's will be as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than lesser full Moons we've seen earlier this year.
Read Why.

In other Space Weather news, the sun has been "blank" (no sunspots) this week.

This week I read Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness, by Scott Westerfeld. I also read Amaryllis, by Jane Castle (Amanda Quick's other pseudonym).

In between and around the rest, I've had nearly enough naps and oodles of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've chatted with my sister and found topics to twitter.

Onward and Upward.

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