Saturday October 27, 2007

Not Safe For Dogs - A Cautionary Tale

We got this story from our veterinarian.

On Friday, a sick dog was brought in. The dog had started vomiting the night before and had progressed to projectile vomiting by the morning.

The vet did an examination. There was a blockage. Time for X-rays and the veterinary version of a plumber's snake. When that didn't solve the problem, the vet recommended emergency surgery.

Surgery was successful. The vet removed a large mass of... meat and vegetable matter?

Apparently, the family had fed the dog their leftover stew, a meal which included large chunks of meat and some sort of chewy vegetable. The chunks were large and dogs don't chew their food.

Dog had wolfed down the indigestible leftovers, which sat in his stomach and "stewed". Specifically, the stomach's peristaltic action forced the food down to the exit point, but the chunks were too large to pass through. This caused a dangerous reaction by the stomach: produce lots more acid.

The moral of the story: People food isn't Dog food. Be careful what you feed your pet.

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