Wednesday October 24, 2007

Purple House Press

I discovered Purple House Press in late 2000 while doing a used book search for a copy of The Space Child's Mother Goose by Frederick Winsor. First published by Simon and Schuster 1958, this book had been out of print for decades.

In 2000, Jill Morgan started Purple House Press, with the mission of reviving long lost, but well loved children's books. One of the first books she brought back to life was The Space Child's Mother Goose. I ordered several copies.

...previously [Jill] had specialized in finding sought after, but hard to find used children's books. When prices of her favorite childhood book, Mr. Pine's Purple House, rose to the discouraging price of $300, she decided to do something about it by republishing the book to ensure its message would not be lost to future generations.

To date, Purple House Press is proud to have sold over 200,000 quality hardcover books. PHP, or the books, have been mentioned in many publications, including TIME Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Publishers Weekly, and a host of newspapers.

Rich and I recently ordered a copy of David and the Phoenix after reading the afterword of David Weber's Honor Harrington novel, At All Costs.

In 1957, Follett Publishing Company of Chicago published a book by a fellow by the name of Edward Ormondroyd. That book was called David and the Phoenix, and in 1958, the Weekly Reader Children's Book Club brought out its own edition.

....Unhappily, it went out of print eventually. And it stayed out of print for a long time. But then, in 2000, Purple House Press, in Cynthiana, Kentucky, reissued it in paperback. When I got my hands on a copy of the Purple House edition, I contacted them, and through them, got Mr. Ormondroyd's very kind permission to quote from the book in At All Costs. ...

... I take the reissue of this book after forty-three years as a good sign for the future...

Check out Purple House Press. Try The Space Child's Mother Goose or David and the Phoenix. Share a childhood favorite of my mine (and my sister's): The Duchess Bakes a Cake, by Virginia Kahl. Or read the book that started Purple House Press, Mr. Pine's Purple House, by Leonard Kessler.

Read a review of The Space Child's Mother Goose on Slashdot.

Read an interview with Jill Morgan in the IOBA (Independent Online Booksellers Association) Newsletter, online.

Watch the KET episode of Kentucky Life, featuring a segment on Purple House Press.

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David and the Phoenix is a great book. I still remember the three different types of gryff[oien]'s, although I can never remember which is which.
I discovered PHP a few years ago when someone slashdotted the release of The Mad Scientists' Club, a book I loved as a kid when it hit our library on rotation.

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