Monday October 22, 2007


At around 1pm, today, I heard one of my co-workers, Martin, say "That's a bird". Then another co-worker said "It is, it's a bird". I said "Where?" They said "Over here".

And there was a bird on the light fixture next to the wall. An Oregon junco. How did he get into the building.? Hey birdie, what are you doing in here?

Then he flew toward my window and... bump. Flutter. Flutter!

Hold on bird, it's ok, Gentle. Gentle. Ok. I've got you.

It took a couple of tries to get him safely cupped in my hands. He fluttered loose a couple of times but never more than a few inches, always in the corner of the window frame.


Take him outside now. It's ok, bird.

Such a soft little bird, cupped in my hands, little heart going pitterpat. Martin went ahead and opened the door. Around the corner away from the doorway. I opened my hands. Zoom! He shot away, then landed on the sidewalk and looked back and shook his head and blinked.

Bye bird!


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nice :) we've had such things happening at school a few times, but i've never been good with birds, so i guess i'll never know how nice it is like to hold a birdie like that ...

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