Monday October 1, 2007


I've been using Twitter since early September. I'm having fun with it.

These are my entries from September.

  • Reading back issues of
  • Black sedan this morning, license: BT MBEEL
  • Afternoon. One tiny patch of blue sky. At least it no longer looks like rain is imminent.
  • A dragonfly just flew by. Don't you love those?!
  • The air is redolent of chocolate at the train station this morning. Talk about aromatherapy!
  • I rode the AT&T Yellow Pages train this morning. 5 cars covered in colorful advertising
  • Why is a raven like a writing-desk?
  • Writing a "how to" about setting the "breadcrumb list" in TWiki.
  • Have you ever considered how odd it is that we use "breadcrumb trail" to mean a "way to get back to where we were"?
  • In the story, the breadcrumbs were eaten by birds!
  • Working from home. Cats flopped in various locations around the room.
  • Just came back from lunch (and the P.O.) Bought a "mango milkshake with Pearl" (mmmmm). Now back to work.
  • Wow. "Clue" (boardgame) with a D&D theme. The Monk killed him in the Lost Crypt with the Mace of Destruction. I love it.
  • I've been investigating the TWiki checklist plugin (see it at I think the default (smilies) are lame, but it's configurable.
  • I've been updating my weblog. I get behind during the week.
  • This is interesting. Speech recognition to Sign Language.
  • 08:30 on a Sunday morning. What am I doing out of bed? 08:45 AM,
  • I updated my twitter web page design. It's more personalized now. 11:00 AM,
  • It's Monday afternoon. What more is there to say.
  • Sour dough toast with pear preserves from Casa de Fruta (they ship: Yummm.
  • @rands: I've been collecting fonts for years. My favorites are handprint style and cool fixed-width.
  • I'm reading from August 2006 forward.
  • Just finished my weblog entry on Twitter.
  • Wow. The Art of Geometry: xploring how math, science and sculpture meet.
  • Very windy at the train station. A woman was sheltering from the wind INSIDE the station elevator, preventing the doors from closing. Duh!
  • There are tiny rubber duckiesin the restrooms at Work today, sitting next to the sinks. Duckies like these:
  • Now that my weblog entry is up, I''ve sent off notes to a bunch of friends and like-minded folks to ask "Do you Twitter?"
  • New toy - an axion AXN-9700 7" Digital Photo Frame.
  • Company Evac Drill. We had advance warning (the orange flags, vests, and megaphones were a good clue). I got to skip the loud alarm.
  • Nature Valley Garnola bars - now in Pecan and "toasted almond". Tasty.
  • (My favorite alcoholic mixed drink is called a "Toasted Almond". No relation to the granola bar...)
  • Reading Lifehackeer: How Evolutionary Biology Explains Office Politics
  • Convinced my sister to try Twitter. :-)
  • Exploring font collections. Looking for something similar to Comic Sans that has an included italic face.
  • I like Comic Sans but wish there was a real italic option. SF Cartoonist Hand 2.0 looks like a winner.
  • It's raining here in SF Bay Area California. Unusual for Sept 22 but pleasant. I love the sound of rain.
  • @bobbiejohnson when I read this, I just had to "follow" you, if only to see if there will be more like it!
  • I'm just trying to copy a bunch of photos to an SD card. That shouldn't be too much to ask!
  • Leopards Etc this afternoon, cheetah, cougar, ocelot, caracal, lynx. Biig kitties. Good audience but noisy. in SFBay Area.
  • I have a new portable hard drive. 160 GB USB 2, 4.6 x 2.8 x .35 inches. Nice. Good price, too.
  • now updating to Twitter.
  • Survived my part of our internal company migration from IMAP to Exchange with minor damage (advance docs were wrong, incl. wrong server!)
  • Listening to co-workers in the next cube playing Star Wars during lunch break. Little model ships.
  • Lunch. I have learned how to make "fried cheese".

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