Thursday September 27, 2007

Amanda Quick

Amanda Quick is a pseudonym of Jayne Anne Krentz, under which name she writes historical romance novels. Most of the stories are set in Regency-period England, although at least one is set in Medieval times.

I'm actually quite fond of romance novels, both contemporary and historical; however, I'm very picky about the authors I read. I like the characters to be real and interesting, people I would invite to dinner or tea, people I would like to know as friends.

I'm particularly fond of Tobias March and Lavinia Lake, perhaps becuse I got to know them so well. Unlike most characters, they occupy not one, but three books. You can meet them in Slighty Shady, followed by Don't Look Back, and Late for the Wedding.

In her blog post from Spring, 2007, Ms. Krentz wrote:

The humor (or lack thereof) that finds its way into my stories winds up there because it is part of my world view. That world view shapes everything I write. My hero and heroine share my sense of humor. If you don't find them occasionally amusing on the page, it is safe to say you wouldn't find me very amusing in person, either.

But if you share my sense of humor and if you do sometimes find yourself smiling when you read one of my books, I suspect we have a lot in common. If we ever met we would probably get along very well, indeed.

I think Amanda Quick (Jayne Anne Krentz) and I would get along very well indeed.

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