Tuesday September 18, 2007

Do You Twitter?

I've started using Twitter. Twitter is a social networking service. Twitter is microblogging. Twitter is realtime updates for you, your friends, and the people you follow, in 140 characters or less.

Twitter Snap

Twitter is a new form of communication that is both a natural step from blogging and a weird experiment normally found in neuroscience labs. Because blog posts are typically lengthy, there was an opportunity to break them down into smaller chunks. Twitter arrived on the scene and in a way it asked us to break down all of our thoughts and actions into succinct chunks. As the result, they can be delivered faster, processed faster and there can be more of them. And once again, the interplay between speed and quantity created a qualitatively different experience. People are collaborating on Twitter in real time. They are discovering news, watching each other and getting advice. Twitter pushed us all to the edge of real communication. Any more real would probably be telepathy!

Evolution of Communication: From Email to Twitter and Beyond, by Alex Iskold, Read/Write Web, May 2007

Twitter can be accessed via its web interface, via SMS from an equipped cellphone or PDA, via your favorite Instant Messaging client, or through any of several available desktop applications or widgets.

For posting and tracking on Mac OS X, I like TwitterPost. The Twitter Fan Wiki has links to applications and other goodies.

Learn more about Twitter:

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Since posting this article, I've been asking various e-list groups I read regularly if any of the members use Twitter.

A former co-worker who, apparently, hasn't read my weblog entry above, replied thusly to my inquiry:

Haven't used Twitter... I think these services are kinda silly. Who cares what I had for lunch today??

If that's your impression of Twitter, you haven't taken a good look at it.

Like weblogging, some postings are useless, some are silly, some are valuable. Which is which is in the eye of the reader. When several thousand (or hundred-thousand, or million) people are involved, there's always a range.

I suggest you read some of the other references I posted above, then actually take a look at Twitter before you make up your mind about what "these services" are.

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