Friday September 7, 2007

Dick Francis

We've started reading Dick Francis' books. He's an excellent writer.

I had always been under the impression that Francis wrote about horse racing. This is true, to some extent — every book has a tie-in to horses and horse racing.

But the center of the plot is often something else. In Shattered, for example, the protagonist is a glass blower by trade, trying to unravel the mystery of a video tape he was given, a tape that was stolen before he could view it. Now, several people are after the tape, and they're not afraid to use violence to find it.

It's classic mystery fiction, with the Dick Francis twist. The person who gave our hero the tape was a jockey, killed in a fall on the day the tape changed hands. Many (but not all) of the villains in the piece are related to horse racing. Still, there's a lot of glass involved, among other things.

The situations are interesting. The writing is tight. The heroes are people you want to win (and the villains are people you're happy to see carted off to gaol).

And, if you like horses, there are always a few to be found.

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