Saturday July 28, 2007

Scion xB: What Were They Thinking?!

We love our Scion xB. From the moment I sat in it, I was hooked. I had to have this car.

It handles beautifully. It has Head Room. It has more cargo space than one might imagine. And windows - does it have windows. No visibility problems in this car!

I'm so happy we bought one when we did. I also hope our 2005 model lasts a long time because after 2007 Toyota stopped making them. Oh, they still make something called a "Scion xB" but... what were the (re)designers thinking?!

It's... puffy. It looks like it's suffering a severe allergic reaction to something. The current colors are pretty but What's With The Smaller Windows?! Are they mad?

Toyota took the perfect car and "improved" it. And we all know what "New and Improved" means. With chocolate bars or dish soaps or cat food it means Run Out Quick and hit all the stores, stocking up on the "old" stuff before it's all gone. With cars it means be happy you got in when you did.

Better isn't always Better. But Better is always Different.

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