Sunday July 22, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up 2007_29

Catching up... three weeks of July to cover.

The weather has been largely warm (when its not foggy :-). We had one delightful out-of season rainstorm at night. I woke up to it, then lay in bed and listened. Mmmmmm.

We did the July 3rd Fireworks at Stanford as we've done for several years now. We ate leftovers at home, then drove down at 7:15.

I missed the turn (they're doing construction and things looked dfferent.) and we got lost; ended up on Serra almost to ECR. I fought my way back to Junipero Serra and we tried again, stopping at the map this time. Left turn on Mayfield. 50 yards to the parking lot.

We found a good spot and I read for a while. Rich lent me his keyfob flashlight when it got too dark. The fireworks started at 9:45. Boom. Whistling weasels. Firefalls. Flares that exploded into balls of sparks.

On the 4th, as usual, we watched neighborhood fireworks from the living room windows. The cats were less than pleased. Bebop took cover in the guest room (I am not hiding). Squirrel was Very Brave.

boom. pop. fratatatat

I've been working Wiki Wizardry. Major Mojo. Unadulterated coolness of HTML thaumaturgy. I've tried several things and Made Them Work (and I'm kinda proud of myself. :)

One of my co-workers in another team asked for something that couldn't be done trivially... but it CAN BE DONE. and I did it. Magical passing of values via forms

Speaking of Wiki, (specifically, TWiki), I've been migrating my team's pages to our own "web" at Work. It's a nontrivial task but I've got a good reproducible process worked out. I've moved more than half the pages and am on the easier downhill slope.

As part of the migration we gain several benefits. We'll have an improved naming convention. It will be easier to find pages (and more difficult to lose them). We have better indexing. And we'll have more control over how our web looks and acts. I'll be rolling everything out in a training session this coming week.

We've got a new manager at The Job. I'll be reporting to her.

Friday the 13th - a black cat crossed my path several times, usually asking for huggies.

I read Shatterglass, by Tamora Pierce, and Assassin Fantastic, a short-fantasy anthology edited by Martin Greenberg and Alexander Potter. There are several excellent stories on here.

I'm in the middle of Elantris, an excellent fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson. I'm reading it on the train. It's "chewy".

This past Friday afternoon, Rich and I went into SF and saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in IMAX 3-D. (Only the last half hour of the film was in 3-D). It was a good movie and, personally, I thought it was quite true to the book. Next time we go to an IMAX showing, however, we're sitting further back in the theatre. Oooooh. My neck hurt.

In between and around the rest, I've had almost enough naps and plenty of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've had a few chats with my sister. We've been using GoogleTalk but now her company seems to have started preventing that so we're going to try Skype.

Onward and Upward.

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