Wednesday April 25, 2007

New TV

Our new flat-screen high-res LCD TV (DVD monitor) arrived yesterday. We had it shipped. The dealer told us to expect delivery between 11 am and 4 pm.

We went out, briefly, at 9:00 am to run a few errands and get breakfast. We were back at the house by 10:15 and I took the kitties downstairs with me and shut us all in while I worked.

The day passed. 11:00, noon, 2:00 pm, ... 4:00 pm. No truck. No delivery. No TV.

Rich made a phone call. We were told that "the driver attempted delivery at 11:00 am". As Rich said "they're either confused or they're lying". We were told that another delivery attempt would be made between 7:00 and 8:00 pm.

A bit before 7:00, the kitties were ready to go upstairs . They wanted supper. They wanted MeOWT.

We went upstairs. I fed the cats. Rich made another phone call. We were told 8:00 pm.

I put the cats downstairs again. Rich and I had leftover soup for supper. We waited. 8:00 pm came and went. Rich made another phone call.

We were told "another hour or so." We suggested that the dealer needs to find another local trucking company!

The television set was delivered at 10:00 pm. Apparently the driver had attempted delivery the first time at 10:00 am (an hour before we were told to expect him). And, of course, not expecting him that early, we were not home. (We wondered how this would have played put for someone who could not arrange to work at home all day!)

We got the unit unpacked and the stand put together and attached. Then Rich discovered that the bolts he had were too small so we drove up to Home Depot (they close at 11; we had 20 minutes to spare).

Finally, a little before midnight, the tv was installed in the cabinet (two-person lift) and braced so it can't fall out. We let the cats out again and they wandered around, sniffing.

What have out hoomans done while we were downstairs?

What unsupervised activity has been taking place?

Tomorrow, Rich will bolt the entertainment center to the wall.

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