Saturday April 21, 2007



What is the Sound of One Cat Napping?

I bought a delightful little book called Catku.

The origins of the ancient Japanese poetic form known as Haiku are shrouded in mystery and legend. Among these legends are — well, frankly, no mention of cats at all. But if a cat had a spiritual discipline, it seems that it would inevitably be Zen. And if a cat were to express himself in poetry, it seems equally inevitable that his preferred form would be the compact, often inscrutable, sometime abrupt, always provocative seventeen syllables of Haiku...

From the front (cat) flap of Catku, by Pat Welch.

Printed in brown and sepia tones on parchment-look paper, illustrated with woodcuts and Kanji characters, Catku expresses the essence of the feline in one hundred paw-sized verses.

You seek fulfillment
Through love, wealth, travel, career.
Have you tried kittens?

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