Monday April 9, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up 2007_14

The weather has been lovely...

I moved cubicles at The Job. The new location is quite nice. I have a window (tra la) and plenty of Natural Light. It's still noisy, unfortunately; there are some chatty people just over the wall and we're also near the largest conference room. There was a big meeting on Monday (with applause, whistles, cheering... Sheesh)

When I moved in, there was a television set (I kid you not; they're all over the building) in one corner of the cube, hanging down from the ceiling on a sturdy bracket and pipe — positioned about 5 feet above the floor. I just knew I'd crack my head on it sooner or later. I balanced an orange construction flag on the bracket holding the tv so I wouldn't accidentally get too close, then contacted Facilities to ask if they could (re)move it.

The Facilities guys came on Wednesday and took everything away, bracket, pipe, and all! They even replaced the ceiling tile. You can't tell there was ever a tv set. Wow.

I've been learning how to use TWiki forms. Forms add structure to content... [and provide the] base for building database applications in TWiki. They're just exactly what I need for a particular project. I've been quite pleased with the way the project is coming together.

There's a deep dish pizza place in San Francisco that we like. Unfortunately, a lot of other people like it too and it gets noisy and crowded by 7pm, even mid-week. We've twice made the mistake of trying to go later than that and ended up eating somewhere else instead.

But last Friday we drove in early and got there by 6pm. We had a nice pizza — chicken, artichoke hearts, and extra cheese, plus the usual crispy cornbread crust and chopped tomatoes — and were finishing dinner as the place started filling up. I think we have a successful strategy.

This week I read Blow Me Down, a romantic comedy by Katie McAlister. It was light, fun, and had a good premise, but there was Too Much Sex (even for a contemporary romance novel). I also read Children of the Lamp, a delightful "kid's" fantasy adventure by P.B. Kerr.

In between and around the rest, I've had almost enough naps and plenty of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends. I've exchanged email with my Mom, and posted a few weblog entries for my sister (our deal is that she submits them by email and i post with my terrific posting software.

Onward and Upward.

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