Saturday March 31, 2007

Now If They Could Only Handle the Paperwork

It's time for my annual paean to Turbo Tax.

Like many people (not you, of course, surely not you) I put off doing my taxes. I don't wait until the last minute anymore; now I do them sometime between March 15 and April 5. But still, it's not like I'm anxious to get to this annual chore.

For whatever reasons — some books I've read recently suggest the primary reason is "fear" — I procrastinate. I find other, higher priority tasks to do instead. I have to wash my hair... do the laundry... read a book... feed the cats. Something, (anything!) else.

But today, I got out my paperwork folder, installed the software, and did what needed to be done. There's a whole bunch of bunch of questions, a lot of clicking "No", and, occasionally, I entered a number and checked off another piece of paper. It took about an hour.

Turbo Tax imports last years data to start and can even download W-2 information from over the 'Net. Doing my taxes will never be "fun", but it's just not difficult anymore. (The lizard brain still doesn't believe me; it hid under a mental rock during the entire process.)

Now, if TurboTax could only handle the rest of the papers and data I have to save and file during the year...

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