Monday March 19, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up 2007_11

The weather continues to be springy, varying from cool to warm, occasionally (once) almost too warm!

We had dinner at our favorite pizzeria in The City on Monday night. Because Rich likes mushrooms and I don't, we always ask for all of the mushrooms on only half of the pizza. This time, someone goofed and put mushrooms on the entire pizza and double mushrooms on one half.


But they were very nice about the problem and quickly made me a small pizza with no mushrooms anywhere.

Bad news: Our favorite parking lot in that neighborhood has been co-opted as a basketball court and exercise yard for the high school that has taken over residence of the adjacent building. Sigh. It was a great parking lot (and large... and useful!)

Good news - our favorite desert shop, Tart to Tart, is open again after extensive remodeling and sewer pipe replacement. Yeay! We got one slice of strawberry cream cake and one slice of carrot cake. The carrot cake is wonderful.

The transit station I use in the morning is still on "standard time". There are heads-up monitors for city buses. The entire schedule is off by an hour. So they say the next southbound bus will be arriving at 6:50 when it's now 7:20. Duh!

Rich has been doing a lot of work with Ruby on Rails, putting together some demonstration software and going to various local meetings.

On Saturday night (St. Patrick's Day), as we were getting into the car after dinner, there was a small boom and flash of light. I turned and there were fireworks going up from the bar next door to our local diner. So we stuck around to watch. They only lasted a few minutes. but they were nice and big and colorful. :-)

This week I read Pasta Imperfect and Hula Done It, two fun "Passport to Peril" cozy mysteries by Maddy Hunter.

In between and around the rest, I've had almost enough naps and plenty of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and email from my Mom. Work has been uneventful.

Onward and Upward.

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