Friday March 16, 2007

Managing by "Piles"

Most Time Management books argue against managing paper by "piles". They advocate making decisions as soon as the paper appears - respond, hand it off to someone else, file it appropriately, or throw it away.

Personally, I find a fifth category to work well. That category is managed as a pile (a stack, a box, a tray...).

If I think I want this piece of paper but I'm not quite sure, it goes into the pile. Piles mellow. Piles age. Every few weeks, or months, or whenever the pile starts to look too large, I leaf through it. By that time, most of the papers are no longer of value. NOW is the time to file or toss.

I did this today. I put most of the pile of paper into the recycle bin. Several things went into my file cabinet. A few are in the queue to be scanned; then the original paper will be recycled.

My "aging" box is empty. My desk is cleared. And I know that I kept only the interesting things... because I only kept what still interested me after several months.

Rhymes With Orange, Hilary B. Price, Dec. 6, 2007

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