Monday February 26, 2007

Failing the "Output" Test

Dear Pounce

I have a complaint about your New! and Improved! Caribbean Catch (tartar control) kitty treats. In changing the recipe, you substantially increased the amount of blue dye. There is now a lot of yellow and blue and not much red.

Normally, I probably wouldn't notice... or care... However, after feeding my cats the Improved! treats, the next morning I found what appeared to be green modelling clay in the litter box. Apparently, you failed to do a Feline Output Test on the New! formula.

As a friend once said, "'Better' isn't always better. But, 'better' is always different." This is just a little too different for me.

I'm afraid we won't be buying Caribbean Catch anymore. That's a shame. because the kitties really liked their "neon fishies". But I'm a traditionalist and I believe that kitty output should be dark brown, not bright green!

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