Friday February 9, 2007

Eat Your Way to Wired

Coffee and Donuts is an old standby for a fast meal with all of the necessary food groups: caffeine, sugar, fat, and (with mocha or a frosted donut) chocolate!. Can it get any "better"?

Still sleepy after your first three double espressos? Try eating your way to wired. Caffeinated doughnuts could be the next new thing in nutriceutical fast-food to hit your drive-through or walk-up breakfast stop.

Each pastry, or bagel if you were to prefer this caffeine-delivery system, would contain a jolt worth one to two cups of coffee, thanks to years of experiments and brainstorms performed by molecular biologist Robert Bohannon.

Make way for the Buzz Donut and the Buzzed Bagel.

Double Dipping: Doughnuts Laced with Caffeine, By Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience (26 January 2007)

As someone we know once said, "Better isn't always Better. But Better is always Different." Buzz Donuts - that's certainly different.

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