Saturday February 3, 2007

Styli with Style, Service with Panache

Nearly ten years ago, I purchased my first Palm-OS-based PDA. Almost immediately, I searched for a new and better stylus. I found what I sought at PDA Panache and I've been a loyal, repeat customer ever since.

PDA Panache is dedicated to the art of manufacturing custom stylus products for hand held and palmtop computers. We've been your trusted source for stylus products on the Internet since 1994.

If you're looking for a custom stylus upgrade for your Palm or Pocket PC, a general-purpose stylus, or a low-cost solution to your company's stylus needs, PDA Panache is Your Stylus Source.

We manufacture our custom stylus products in our modern factory located in Bohemia, NY.

All styli have a screen-safe writing tip, engineered in accordance with specifications from major touch screen manufacturers. The bright-orange Easy View® tips are easy to see, particularly true in low-light conditions or with backlighting on the screen. (You can request a black tip, however, if you are so inclined.) Tips come with a lifetime warranty that includes free repair service if they ever wear-out, deform, or become contaminated.

Unlike the cheap, plastic replacements you find in most stores, PDA Panache custom-made styli are solid, well-balanced, and feel good in the hand.

One of the most appreciated features of our stylus upgrades is their extra mass. Mass contributes to a better feeling stylus by helping it hug the surface. It glides smoothly through areas of varying resistance, resisting chatter and skipping. Additional momentum provides better flow for your writing and can improve character recognition. Extra mass results in a strong, rigid instrument. Its stiffness permits minute, accurate adjustments on your screen.

Great Product, Great Service

You may purchase a stylus and that will be that. But, what if you have a question at some time in the future? PDA Panache not only makes excellent products, they provide excellent service as well.

When I first purchased my Kyocera 7135 PDA, there were no custom stylus upgrades available. I contacted PDA Panache and had this conversation with Paul Schiller, president of PDA Panache:

I am currently using a Handspring Visor stylus in the Kyocera. It "fits", but sticks up approximately 3/4 inch.

The Kyocera came with three dopey plastic styli. If I send you one, could you compare it to what you have and let me know if you have a stylus you could recommend? You may keep the Kyocera stylus as a model ;-)

Thanks for your very kind offer. Yes, we would be glad to see if we have a stylus on hand that matches up with your Kyocera stylus. If you wish, just send the sample stylus to me. We will match it as closely as we can with our custom styli on hand and send you one to try out for no charge.

Shortly thereafter I received my very own custom-custom "Frankenstylus", a work of art.

I have also experienced stellar technical support, this time in troubleshooting a non-working "Beacon", a stylus with a lighted tip.

The "Beacon" stylus was one of my earliest purchases. It didn't fit my usage pattern at the time, however, and I put it aside at one point. Recently, I realized that a lighted stylus could be very handy, so I hunted out the Beacon. By this time, however, the batteries were long-since discharged and removed. I bought and installed replacement batteries, but the stylus didn't light. So, I wrote to PDA Panache.

Although this stylus is no longer being produced, Paul was able to find one in his "museum-of-ancient-styluses". He confirmed the number and type of battery I needed, then included a clear, complete, and well-written set of steps to take the stylus apart, examine and clean it, and put it back together. When I finished, the LED lit up as expected. Ta Da!

There are many good to excellent products available. Excellent customer service and technical support can be harder to find. The combination is even more rare.

As a technical writer myself, I know how difficult it can be for most people to put together clear, comprehensive, sufficiently-detailed instructions. The troubleshooting guide I received for the Beacon was excellent in this regard.

Paul Schiller has hit the bullseye. PDA Panache has Quality products and Quality service. If you need a new stylus for your PDA or touch-screen device, look no further than PDA Panache.

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