Monday January 15, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up 2007_02

The weather was cold this week! We even had frost on the rooftops on Sunday morning (quite pretty really). I covered our jade plants overnight with old sheets.

Rich did a walk around the house looking for out-of-service UPSs. He found 6 (plus the ones in service). He tested all of these with an electric clock (to time the charge) and a 100W lightbulb (to draw power). We managed to find an electric clock at Longs Drugs; electric analog clocks are no longer easy to find!

Of the various UPSs, most were toast. Even some of those still in service were bad; the one under my desk lasted all of 4 seconds at 100 Watts! The best lasted 6 minutes.

It turns out that it's possible to order new batteries at less than the cost of a brand new UPS, so Rich popped and recycled old batteries, then ordered a few sets of new ones. We're ready for the next power failure.

Vampire2B I signed up for a free 10-day trial subscription to Toon-a-Day. The artist has a great way with cartoons. (The vampire, at right, is one of his free samples.) I'm definitely signing up for a full subscription when the trial is over!

We both worked from home on Tuesday morning. Them after lunch, we took BART in to the City to MacWorld. Hmmm... perhaps I should say "iPod World". I'm afraid it wasn't worth the admission price (especially because we bozed this year and hadn't signed up for the "early bird" rate). Oh well.

In my Fight Against Spam, I seem to have crossed the line between "I'll take some spam as long as I don't lose any good mail" and "I'm willing to lose some good mail if I can only reduce the Spam by another 25%). Specifically, I've been trying to cut back on international character set Spam, which has increased substantially.

Unfortunately, when I set up a filter to match multi-bit charsets (e.g. GB2312, big5, iso-2022-jp, ...) I added iso-8859-1 to the list. It's certainly the case that a lot of non-Roman-character spam is in this charset; that's how I found it. Unfortunately, there's plenty of Roman-character "good" mail in this charset too, including, mail from at least one friend of mine who uses Apple's in "rich text" format. SIGH.

With the help of my friend (who noticed the loss of mail when he never received replies from me), we tracked down the problem. I guess I'll need to find other ways to filter out the iso-8859-1 spam.

Rich took a weekend trip to the Southland for his father's birthday. As is often the case, several things around the house noticed he was away. The garage door isn't working properly and the Net has been flaky all weekend.

Demotivators Apathy

It's not too late to order a Demotivator's Build-Your-Own 2007 Calendar from Despair, Inc. By the time I'd listed my favorite choices, I was closer to 24 than 12, so I ordered two. I plan to swap them at mid-month and see if anyone notices.

I ordered the newest Loreena McKennitt CD, An Ancient Muse. Ms McKennit's music is in the genre that Rich and I (with thanks to Garry Trudeau) call "Air Pudding" (:-). It's largely Celtic, ethereal, and soothing to listen to while working. If you enjoy Enya, try Loreena. You can explore the music at her website. If you haven't heard either, try iTunes or your nearest Barnes & Noble store's music section.

This week I read A Hard Day's Knight, a funny contemporary romance by Katie MacAlister. I also read two more cozy mysteries by Tim Meyers: Innkeeping With Murder and Death Waxed Over.

In between and around the rest, I've had almost enough naps and plenty of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends.

Onward and Upward.

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