Saturday January 13, 2007

The Company That Employs Me

When I first started writing this weblog, I set myself a few guidelines: I don't discuss Politics, Religion, or Sex. I rarely mention people by name. I talk about work, but I don't identify my company.

Unfortunately, this means that I tend to refer to the company that employs me as, well, The Company That Employs Me, or, in short form, The Company. The former is unwieldy; the latter makes me sound like I work for the CIA (I don't. :-)

So, I've been thinking of what I might use instead. One woman, whose weblog I've read, has referred to her employer as AcronymCo. I really like that, but it's been done.

I considered DotCom, Inc, but that didn't really work for me. Then I played around with the words and letters of my standard nom de blog and came up with (the Company That Employs Me). It's no less peculiar a name than many I've seen adorning buildings and web sites in Silicon Valley and beyond. is an anonimized member corporation of the non-existent (but no less real) Silicon Valley Internet Conglomeration.
Update: Sept. 22, 2007. This idea hasn't stood the test of time. I don't use it. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
Update: Nov.10, 2010. Perhaps PseudonymCo would work.

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