Sunday December 31, 2006

W, X, Y, Z

WordPlay: The Personal Dictionary Meme

(See the game description for further details.)

I thought I should finish in 2006. So, here are W, X, Y, and Z.

W is For...

  • Weblog - I have such fun writing my weblogs. I wish I had known about this wonderful idea so much earlier!

  • Weird - That's me, a little bit weird. I don't mind.

  • Wikipedia - proof that people aren't just couch potatoes and a collaborative encyclopedia project can work.

  • Wintergreen - Specifically, the pink wintergreen lozenges that I used to love when I was a kid.

  • Winter - When I was growing up in central Pennsylvania,Winter began in January and ran into March. We didn't get much snow in December, but the weather would usually make up for that in January and February. Now that I live in northern California, we don't have a season that really corresponds to Winter. Instead, from October thru March we get "Wet".

  • Woodrats - Woodrats are actually very cute. They look like very large mice. We get them at our backyard feeder.

  • Words — I love words! I collect interesting words and quotes. I have a very good vocabulary. I subscribe to Word of the Day mailing lists.

  • World Wide Web - One day, around about 1995, the world changed...

  • Writing - I've been writing since I was in elementary school. I've written a small number of poems, mostly before I graduated from High School. I've never had much interest in the idea of writing fiction. I don't claim to "have a novel in me" (struggling to get out or otherwise). I'm primarily an expository and technical writer.

  • Well... W is also for Wow, Weasel, Whiffling, Wriggle, Wrinkly, Wren, Wreath, Wombat, Whorl, and Wizard.

X is For...

  • X - An 8-point tile in Scrabble. Rich and I both enjoy playing Scrabble, but we enjoy a more relaxed game. We don't like "cut-throat_ Scrabble.

  • XB - I love our Scion xB. It is the very best car I have ever driven.

  • Xenobiology - If and when we Terrans meet up with extraterrestrial lifeforms, I think the best candidates for the new field of xenobiology will be the companion animal veterinarians and guardians, i.e., "dog and cat people". We're already well-versed in living with and communicating with non-human species.

  • X is also for Xenon, Xylophone, Xi, and a slew of weird scientific words (you can look them up).

Y is For...

  • Yellow - Yellow is distinctly not my favorite color, unless it's on daffodils.

  • Youall - A fine word, though not often used outside of the South. It's a plural form, quite useful. The western Pennsylvania form (as I have been told) is You'uns.

  • Yreka Bakery - an actual palindromic bakery in the town of Yreka, California.

  • Yo! - Y is also for Yelp, Yaargh, Yoicks, Yardarm, Yell, Yule, Yucatan, Yttrium, Yon, Yore, Yeoman, Yawn (even the word is contagious), and Yummy.

Z is For...

  • Zipper - Consider the zipper. It eventually replaced the more tedious buttons or hooks & eyes of previous styles of fastener. Have you ever looked closely at a zipper to see how it works? Those little teeth intermesh so neatly with each other. Everything works fine (except in those cases where the center of the zipper pops open).

  • Zoo - I love zoos. I love going to zoos. If I visit a city with a zoo, I try to set aside one day to go to the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is marvelous (the Wild Animal Park too). But I htink my forever favorite is the National Zoo in Washington, DC. When I lived in suburban Maryland for two years, I had a "membership" for the zoo. I went to the zoo as often as I could.

  • Zoology - In College, as a Microbiology major, I had a choice between taking the introductory Botany or Zoology courses. I chose Botany over Zoology because I preferred to take apart carrots and spinach rather than mice and frogs.

  • Zoster - Part of the name for the virus, Varicella-Zoster, that causes Chickenpox and Shingles. I managed to contract Chickenpox (a second time?) as an adult. I've talked to other people who were similarly unfortunate and realize that I had a remarkably easy (if boring) case. Varicella-Zoster is a member of the Herpes family, which means it sticks around and goes "latent". If it becomes active again, the secondary disease is Shingles. Thus, anyone who has had Chickenpox (which is most people) is a possible candidate for Shingles later in life.

  • Zounds - A fine old Shakespearian expletive!

  • Zucchini - Zucchini is not my favorite vegetable in most forms; however, I dearly love zucchini bread.

  • Z is also for Zero (my hero), Zulu, Zwieback, Zowie, Zoroastrian, Zorro, Zebra, Zombie, and Zeal (not to mention even more scientific words than X!)

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