Saturday December 30, 2006

Weekly Wrap-ups 2006_45-52


In the time I've been on hiatus, here's a brief rundown of the highlights in my life.

I took a required 2-hour ergonomics training class at The Job. The fact that I have taken ergo training before was not considered. In order to request any changes, from a keyboard tray to a lowered desk, an anti-glare screen or a wrist rest, we are required to take not only the class, but a half-hour "personalized" follow-up. Feh!

In summary: I learned a bunch of things I already knew. I got a yellow, 10-ft tape measure. I got a keyboard tray (that didn't work out). And I eventually got my desk lowered and got back to work.

I found some wonderful "in/out" boxes at Staples. They're blue fabric, almost a velveteen. I wanted three but there were only two so I went back a few times until there were more in stock. Apparently this is a very new product it's not even in the catalog yet.

My parents and sister came to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving week. My parents stayed until after TG (my sister flew home on Sunday evening). I think a good time was had by all. We had plenty of good dinners and watched videos and talked.

In early December, Rich and I started discussing plans for how best to move all of our local computer services onto a Mac mini. We got started, installing the basic software and the necessary accounts for Rich and for me, on Dec. 2. It took most of the month to get everything installed, up, running, and tested, but we did it.

I caught a cold in December. I had one last year at the same time. Not fun. I mostly worked from home for a week (except for when I slept).

The weather was interesting. It was chilly in November (my parents, from Pennsylvania, kept complaining about the cold). We had some rain in November, and more (and heavier) rain again in December. We also had three days of Very Cold weather (with morning frost yet!). Those of you in colder climes may think we're wimpy, but remember, most of our plants don't know to go dormant, so a December frost can be harmful. On the other hand, I'm quite happy not to live in or near Denver this year.

In mid-December my Work group had a "cookie exchange". One of my co-workers brought home-made peanut butter cups (5 pounds of homemade peanut butter cups. :-) They were ... awesome. We kept them to ourselves all day Wednesday. On Thursday, we shared the remainder (about 2.5 pounds) with co-workers in other aisles.

I discovered a trick for reheating leftover pizza. We've already been doing this in the convection microwave, which is far superior to a regular microwave But I had a better idea — a brilliant idea — let's try preheating the oven. It worked extremely well. The cheese was melty, the sauce didn't boil and turn crusty, and the pizza didn't dry out. The result was hot and tasty. Now,... how long did it take me to figure this out?!

We had many good meals this month, including quite a few while my family was here. Thanksgiving dinner was especially nice.

We've been to Chevy's for cranberry margaritas (only once, though). Those are an annual favorite.

The Company cafeteria served Chicken ala King on biscuits one day - yuumm. I even took some home for dinner the next night.

On Christmas morning we had bagels and lox at House of Bagels in SF. On Christmas night we had Peking Duck at a well-attended Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto.

I've been reading (a 25-minute train ride twice a day provides reading time). I read: Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii, by Lee Goldberg; Grave Sight, first in a new series by Charlaine Harris; Dead Giveaway, by Leann Sweeney (I like her books, but wonder why the publisher invariably re-titles them between the "preview" and publication); Devil's Bargain, snappy urban fantasy by Rachel Caine; Daughter of Exile, classic fantasy by Isabel Glass (well-written); and You Slay Me, by Katie MacAlister. This last book is a very funny paranormal contemporary romance with a murder mystery in the middle. I loved Jim, a snarky daemon in the form of a Newfoundland dog. I've got the next two books in the series on the shelf, ready to read.

We watched a lot of videos, including Cars (WONDERFUL!!!), SuperCop (great Jackie Chan fun), Mr & Mrs Smith (a funny and action-packed movie), Hoodwinked (a cute take on the "true" story of Little Red Riding Hood), several episodes of the television series, Monk (borrowed from a friend), and Strangers on a Train (classic Hitchcock).

Heading into New Year's Eve...

Onward and Upward.

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