Friday December 29, 2006

Hello, It's Been A While

I've been on hiatus. It's Winter (so I mostly want to hibernate). I have a job that's a 75-minute (one-way) commute by car, train, and shuttle bus. By the time I get home, it's dark, I'm tired (both physically and mentally), and I often don't even want to read my email, let alone write something.

It takes a certain amount of mental energy and creativity to come up with something to say (beyond the Weekly Wrap-ups and such). It also takes exposure to interesting things to talk about... When I'm working, I'm mostly exposed to Work-related ideas, projects, and people. Not that these aren't interesting, but I tend not to write about Work very much (either because much of my day is covered by NDA or out of simple privacy considerations.)

And, did I mention that it's Winter?

Anyhoo, the reason this site has been Dark for the past month and a half is thanks to a combination of sloth, lassitude, ennui, the Winter Blahs, ... and hardware problems. Our server got Very Confused ™ in mid-November. Email was bouncing and getting lost. The swap partition was overflowing. The server was hiccoughing, choking, and wedging with alarming frequency.

So, in early December, Rich and I took a set of collective deep breaths, figuratively armed ourselves for battle, and prepared to migrate the entirety of from FreeBSD on generic Intel hardware to Mac OS X on a Mac mini (also Intel). Yowza..

It took longer than expected and we stumbled over some weird bumps in the path. The process was definitely a "learning experience". We'll be writing that up in one or more entries and/or an actual article, r.s.n.

In summary, we made it out of the woods alive and the new is happily chugging along. The web site was moved a couple of days ago. Tests indicate all systems are up and running about as well as we could hope.

I'll try to work back into the habit of posting more regularly as we move into 2007. But if you don't see much happening here, please try to be patient with me. Keep in mind that it's still Winter...

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Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the hardware and ennui issues.

Re: winter, if it helps, we have snow here, and it was zero F this morning.