Wednesday November 8, 2006

Clipboard Sharing

I have two users on my Mac: my "regular" personality and my "Work" personality. I often want to share files, URLs, and more between the two.

Sharing files is relatively easy. Sharing URLs isn't too bad — I just drag the URL into a .webloc file. Sharing clipboard contents, however, was difficult.

Then I discovered ClipboardSharing

ClipboardSharing is a Mac OS X application that allows you to share the contents of your clipboard with other users, either across the network or locally. You can easily transfer just about anything that can be copied to the clipboard, including formatted text and images. The effect of this is that you can select something on one computer, copy it, and then quickly paste it on another computer.
  • Do you collaborate with other people on your LAN? If so, you might sometimes have found the need to get a URL, an image or some text from one computer to another. With ClipboardSharing these transfers are as simple as copy and paste.
  • Do you use more than one computer yourself? Then activate the automatic synchronization so that the clipboard is always the same on all of them.
  • Do you have several accounts on your computer, and switch between them with Fast User Switching? ClipboardSharing might come in handy to quickly get data between the accounts.
ClipboardSharing is Donationware, which means that you may download and use it for free without any limits. However, if you happen to find it useful and feel that you want to help out in some way, donations of any size are always welcome and much appreciated. If you decide to donate, the developer accepts payments by PayPal.

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hey, I was checking out your websites from a home office google search and up pops youe nice workstation photo, anyway, you ever try to use SD Cards or any other flash cards? Im on a windows pc and don't know if thats possible on a mac. You can copy and paste urls on a text editor and save it or sync it to a flash stick and open it up when your log in as another user.