Thursday November 2, 2006

V is For...

WordPlay: The Personal Dictionary Meme

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V is For...

  • Values - What are your values? Some of mine are: Work/Life Balance, Stability, Independence, Quality, Choice, Control, Time, Truth, Trust, Structure, Organization, Creativity, and Competence.

  • Vanilla - Vanilla bean. Vanilla extract. Vanilla ice cream. A splash of vanilla in hot chocolate.

  • Vanilla steamed milk.

  • Velcro - One of the wonders of the Twentieth century, VELCRO™ is, to be precise, a trademarked term. There are other makers of "hook and loop" fastener, however, which most people simply refer to as "Velcro". The idea behind the invention came from a microscopic examination of the way Burdock seed pods attach themselves to socks, pant legs, dogs, and anything else available.

  • Vicki - Me!

  • Victoria - My "long" name is Victoria. My mother told me she named me Vicki withy Victoria for long (as opposed to the other way round). I only use Victoria on checks, bank accounts, and similar Very Important Papers.

  • Vocabulary - I enjoyed Vocabulary building in school. In 6th grade, my mother helped me choose my words for the week by quizzing my from the Readers' Digests' "Word Power" column.

  • Volvox - One of my favorite pond-water microorganisms, the Volvox looks like it was designed by Dr. Suess.

  • Verily, V is also for Velvet, Varnish, Verisimilitude, Vortex, Versatility, Vacation, Vacuum, Vacuole, Vaccine, Valiant, Vegetable, Vow, and Vulture.

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