Wednesday October 18, 2006

T is For...

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T is For...

  • Tail - Maine Coon cats have the most incredible plumey tails!

  • Tapioca pudding - One of my favorite deserts. I prefer "real" tapioca pudding, not the "a few beads of tapioca in vanilla pudding" mix you get at most restaurants.

  • Teaberry - Also known as "American Wintergreen" for its flavor. The teaberry plant grows wild in Pennsylvania. If you've never tasted an actual, live teaberry (I have!) there are Teaberry candies, Teaberry ice cream, and Teaberry chewing gum.

  • Tea - Hot or iced, tea is my favorite beverage. I learned to like tea when I was 10 or 12 years old and someone (my grandmother, I believe) gave me a Twinings tea sampler set, loose tea in small tins, as a gift. I love Darjeeling, Keemun, Assam, Ceylon , and Oohlong. I like Jasmine (but don't steep it too long!). I don't much like the very smoky teas such as Lapsang Soochong.

  • Teal - Teal is one of my favorite colors. It goes well with maroon.

  • Techie - I'm a techie. I'm not a business person. I'm not part of Corporate America. I love techie gadgets. I use my computer for practically everything.

  • Thai - I like Thai food, especially Thai iced coffee, mee krob, lemongrass soup, and beef satay. My special favorite is a dish that isn't found in every restaurant. Mieng kum is usually served as an appetizer. Diners spoon small portions of toasted coconut, dried shrimp, peanuts, chopped onion, diced hot peppers and tiny lime wedges onto fresh spinach leaves, adding a small dollop of sauce before rolling and eating, usually in two bites. Delicious.

  • Thespians - I was a member of my High School Thespians. I don't act; I'm strictly backstage crew. I was Props crew head for two years.

  • Thunderstorms - Growing up in Pennsylvania, I saw a lot of thunderstorms. My family would often go sit on the back porch (at home) or the front porch (when visiting my grandmother) and watch the lightning and the rain. We don't get a lot of thunderstorms in Northern California, but when we do, we like to turn off the lights and sit by a window and just appreciate!

  • Tigger - One of my favorite Disney characters is Tigger. I have a lot of Tigger-embelished clothing.

  • Tiramisu - I once saw this referred to as the "Barry Manilow of deserts". It's one of my favorites, in all its many forms.

  • Truffles - the chocolate kind, not the 'shroom! Yummmmm.

  • Toasted Almond - My favorite mixed drink, made with Kahlua, Amaretto, and cream.. When I was in College, I "followed" a local band. One night, during a break, the drummer had an interesting drink. I asked about he; he gave me a sip. I thought it was yummy. I've ordered Toasted Almonds on occasion ever since.I introduced Rich to them after we met and he likes them too, so we often share.

    I like a Toasted Almond best on the rocks, less well "blended".We've started to order them "tall" (double the cream in a taller glass). It's amusing to see how the recipe varies - one bartender added Creme de cacao (not bad). One used Bailey's Irish Cream instead of "real" cream (too sweet!) One bartender got completely confused and served me a Pink Squirrel instead!

  • Tomatoes - There is nothing quite like a freshly picked, perfect, vine-ripened tomato. We had tomato plants every summer when I was growing up. We can't grow them where I live now; we don't get the hot summer days and warm nights. We "make do" with cluster tomatoes from the local grocery store.

  • Then... - T is also for Tabula Rasa, Twirl, Thusly, Twiddle, Terraform, Turkey, Tarragon, Torchiere, Tomorrow, and Trifle.

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