Thursday October 12, 2006

S is For...

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S is For...

  • San Francisco - The City. San Francisco defines our local metropolitan area. We visit often but I wouldn't want to actually live in the City. My sister and I visited San Francisco the year I graduated from College and she graduated from High School. I knew I would come back (and, a little over three years later, I did).

  • Science - I "majored" in science in High School. I took every science class that was offered. We were required to take one science class in three years. I took two a year.

  • Serendipity - A great word, meaning "the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident."

  • Sesame Street - I was 10 years old when Sesame Street first aired but I quickly became a fan. The live-action parts did little for me, but I love the Muppets.

  • Sister - I have one sister; she's three and a half years younger than me.

  • Snow - We had snow when I was growing up. I loved playing in piles of snow. I love to watch snow falling. Our cat used to play snow hockey with tiny snow balls we'd throw for her. It was great to have snow days and school lets out early or is canceled. However, now that I'm older I appreciate how my parents felt when snow interfered with plans. Where I live now, people drive to snow; we don't.

  • Spearmint My favorite mint flavor. I love the smell of fresh spearmint as well.

  • Spinach - I wasn't a fan of spinach as a child. When I was growing up, my mother would cook spinach (specifically, frozen spinach) once a year, after Easter, then garnish it with sliced hardboiled egg. My parents ate this; I didn't. However, at some point in the past couple of decades, I have learned to love spinach � fresh in spinach salads, cooked in spanakopita or eggs florentine. I've read that the growers have "improved" spinach to remove much of the oxalic acid. Perhaps that's why I like it now and didn't then.

  • Spring - My favorite season is spring. The days get longer, the evenings are lighter. There are flowers everywhere and trees budding.

  • Squirrels - for the first 15 years that we lived in this house, there were no squirrels in the neighborhood. Then, finally, some came and now we see tham at the feeder.

  • Squirrel - Squirrel is our #3 cat and "marshmallow fluffy".

  • Star Wars - Episode IV will always be the best. I watched 12 times in the summer of 1977.

  • Strawberries - Ripe, dark red, and juicy.

  • Strawberry Daiquiri - My second favorite mixed drink. We ask for it with extra strawberry. I want it red!

  • Strawberry Festival - My parent's church has a "Strawberry Festival" every June. The church Ladies Guild members bake cakes and hull bushels of strawberries. One of the church members, who ownss a dairy, donates gallons of ice cream. Anyone in town is welcome to buy a ticket and come to eat a piece of their choice of cake with a bowl of ice cream and strawberries. Whenever I have a bowl of vanilla ice cream with strawberries, I think back to Strawberry Festival.

  • Syzygy - A nifty word, especially if you can manage to play it in a Scrabble game. It's an Astronomy term, a Biology term, and a language term (used in verse).

  • So... - S is also for Soft, Sabre, Sewing, Swiftly, Seagull, Special, Sandwich, Sail, Sorghum, Squelch, Squeegee, Settle, and Swirl.

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