Monday October 9, 2006

Weekly Wrap-up 2006_40

It's officially Winter in the SF Bay Area. It was sprinkling a bit when I got out of the bus at the train station on Wednesday afternoon. It started raining shortly after I got home and rained steadily all evening, through the night, and into Thursday morning.

This week, I took advantage of working for a large Technical Company and attended a presentation by a a Senior Product Manager from Apple on Accessibility and Apple's "Voice Over" product, a "screen reader that's part of Tiger.

In early 2005, Apple quietly revolutionized computer accessibility for the blind by integrating a screen reader into its Mac OS X operating system. The impact of this event is still being felt and has important implications for the future of computer accessibility. The implications extend to software developers and content providers too, who now find an installed base of millions of accessible computers instead of just a few hundred thousand, and access to screen reader technology on their own computers.

The replacement batteries finally arrived for our PowerBook (battery recall). We've been running the PowerBook on A/C only for a month. It wasn't really a problem... except for the big "hole" in the bottom of the unit, the fact that it took 60 seconds for the cursor to come alive every time the laptop woke up, and the unfortunate likelihood of bumping the plug (at which point the machine would just shut down and lose its clock settings.)

This was another Fun Week For Riding Public Transit (not). One simply needs to develop an air of Zen-like patience to ride CalTrain. The 221 northbound (which leaves Gilroy at 6:30 am) developed mechanical problems on Thursday morning about an hour into its run. It was listed as delayed by at least 60 minutes when I boarded my southbound train at 7:30.

What they didn't tell us (until we stopped in Redwood City) was that the 221 was actually stuck and everything else had to singletrack around it. So, we sat in Redwood City for 20 minutes waiting our turn and finally got to my stop 25 minutes late. The good thing is, I ride a Company shuttle from the station, so the shuttle driver was waiting for us.

This week I read Fine-Feathered Death, third in the "pet sitter mystery" series by Linda O. Johnston. I also read For Better or Hearse, the second "wedding planner" cozy by Laura Durham; it was just as much fun as the first book.

In between and around the rest, I've had almost enough naps and plenty of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals (including "make your own" garlic bread — a baked garlic bulb, soft butter, and crispy sourdough bread) and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends.

I'm trying to get my cubicle assignment changed at the Job so that I can be closer to a natural light source. I walk into the building in the mornings and it's just... depressing. That will only get worse between now and February. Wish me agreeable management!

Onward and Upward.

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