Thursday October 5, 2006

R is For...

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R is For...

  • Raccoons - We get raccoons in our back yard at night. They come to the feeder and eat seed or just walk back and forth on the sunroom roof. They're very cute. Sometimes I go out on the deck and toss marshmallows for them to eat.

  • Rain - The sound of rain on the roof is a sound I can't hear often enough. I love a rainy night.

  • Raven - Our "token moggie" (I'm going to be a Maine Coon when I grow up).

  • Ravens - We have a few ravens living in the pine trees across the street. They are big birds. Gronk!

  • Reading - I love to read, mostly fantasy and "cozy" mysteries, but other types of books as well. My favorite waking pastime is reading.

  • Red - The color of my hair and my "original" favorite color. As I've grown older, I realize I like the bluer reds, shading to maroon, more than the orangey reds. But I still love a good Primary Red.

  • Richard - My sweetie, hubby, and best friend.

  • Ruby Glass - I collect ruby glass - Adams, Anchor Hocking, and other manufacturers. I love the rich color when the light hits it.

  • Really! - R is also for Rhinoceros, Rheostat, Realist, Reference, Replay, Rewind, Rarity, Rile, Regal, and Repose.

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