Tuesday October 3, 2006

Weekly Wrap-up 2006_39

The weather was lovely. Other than that...

On Monday, I got stuck in Menlo Park for an hour when CalTrain stopped due to some Bozo leaving a car on the tracks. No one was hurt, but a lot of people were inconvenienced. Some days it really doesn't pay to take transit.

Tuesday's commute was uneventful and reasonably quick.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was talking to the new group director at the end of the day when I suddenly realized I had 3 minutes before the shuttle left for the station. Eeek! I ejected my iPod, grabbed my stuff, and ran for the bus. I made it... but where was my iPod? Did I leave it on the desk?

I decided to go back for it and it was a Good Thing I did because the iPod Wasn't on my desk! A co-worker suggested I might have dropped it in my run. I went back along my path and yes, there it was, OUTSIDE, in the grass, by the edge of the sidewalk. Egad!

I took the next shuttle and a later train. When I got home, I put a coil cord on the iPod and clipped it into my pack.

This was the week for my dental cleaning appointment. The hygienist is very... thorough. I took my iPod and Bose headphones and listened to soothing music over the background scraping noises. (shudder)

This week I read Little Red RIding Hood in the Big Bad City, an anthology edited by Martin Greenberg. I also read Better Off Wed, a delightful debut cozy mystery by Laura Durham. This one had sparkling dialog that frequently cause me to laugh out loud, as well as people I hope to get to know better in future books.

In between and around the rest, I've had almost enough naps and plenty of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, (although breakfast this weekend just wasn't the same, what with the Great Spinach Panic still in progress.)

This was the week of our monthly "Beer and Scripting" dinner. This was also the week we tried out a new pizza place in The City. They do a nice deep dish pizza. They won't replace my Favorite Pizza Place but this is different, and quite good.

It's October. It's getting darker. DST ends later this month.

I ordered a "sunrise alarm clock" and I think it's time to break out the GoLite. Hold bright thoughts..

Onward and Upward.

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