Sunday October 1, 2006

Up to My Ears

If you read my weblog regularly, you may have noticed that my posting has become.. erratic. There will be nothing for as much as a week, then, suddenly, I post three or four entries (usually backdated).

There's a reason for this. I can't claim it's a good reason, but here it is:

I found a job in June, after seven months of being out of work. The good news is that I have income again. The bad news is that I don't have a lot of discretionary time.

The job is 40 miles from my house. I take the train (and a company shuttle bus). It takes me 75 minutes each way, twice a day: home to station to work; work to station to home.

By the time I get home, most days, I'm brain-fried. I can eat dinner. I can read a book. I can snuggle the cats and talk to Rich. I can go to bed. I can't seem to do much else.

I usually manage to relax enough by Saturday or Sunday to get to various necessary household chores - writing checks, running laundry, shopping for groceries. With luck, I also relax enough to update my journal and weblog. It's not that I don't want to keep up the weblog; I do! I just can't quite seem to find the energy during the week.

If you've been reading this far, I apologize. I recommend that you stop by on Monday or Tuesday to see what came up during the week. Or, sign up for notification by email.

And thanks for reading.

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