Thursday September 28, 2006

Q is For...

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Q is For...

  • QALITY - When I was playing Quality Lead, I got a license plate that read QALITY (note the missing U; it's a joke). So many people failed to "get" the joke that I applied for a new plate less than a year later.

  • Q.E.D. - I actually enjoyed Geometry in 10th grade and I loved learning the full pronunciation of Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

  • Quail - Sometimes we get California Quail in our back yard. They're so cute.

  • Quality - I care a lot about software quality. I played "Quality Lead" for two or three years as a job. It was, sadly, an utterly thankless role.

  • Quarrel - An arrow for a crossbow. Although I was an archer for several years, I never shot a crossbow.

  • Questions - As a child, I asked a lot of questions. I was deeply hurt when my 6th grade English teacher told me I asked too many; I didn't raise my hand in English class much more that year. I believe that, as a society, we should encourage questions rather than stifle them. Too many of us spend time telling and not enough time asking "Why?".

  • Quinoa - We discovered quinoa recently. t has a nice texture and a nutty flavor. Very nice.

  • Quirky - An all-around great word. Feel it on the tongue.

  • Quotes - I love to collect quotes.

  • Q is also for Quick, Quintessential, Quark, Quadrile, Quadrangle, Quicksilver, Quack, Quarl (a jellyfish), Quartz, Querulous, Quibble, and Quiche.

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