Tuesday September 12, 2006

O is For...

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O is For...

  • Oatmeal - I like oatmeal. When I was growing up and we'd visit my grandmother for a weekend, we always had oatmeal, with maple sugar, and bacon sandwiches for breakfast on Saturday morning. I'm fond of oatmeal cookies too.

  • Ocean - Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, I didn't see a lot of ocean. Now we live a few miles from the Pacific. I really like that.

  • Opal - One of my favorite gemstones. I especially like fire opals.

  • Opera - I don't much care for opera. Neitherdoes Rich. We listen to the Classical radio stations but when the Opera comes on, we turn it off.

  • Opossum - I managed to kick a poor 'possum in the head once, walking through our backyard in the dar, poor thing. He went into full "I am just a furry rock" mode and I went back into the house to allow him to recover in peace. (We also get raccoons and skunks on occasion).

  • Orange - Nothing rhymes with orange. Orange juice should be fresh, not frozen, and full of pulp. Orange isn't high on my list of favorite colors; it clashes with my hair.

  • Orchid - Lovely to look at but difficult to grow. So I just look. I have a brown thumb.

  • Oreos - twist the top and bottom off to expose the icing, then spread on a layer of peanut butter, re-close, and munch. Yum.

    The original code name of A/UX, Apple's first shipping Unix-based operating system, was "Oreo".

  • Orion - The constellation Orion is a favorite of mine. It rises in the sky around my birthday.

  • Orthodontia - I never wore braces, but I did have rubber bands and a bite-plate when I was in elementary school. Yipes!

  • Oh! - O is also for Orthogonal, Onomatopoeia, Omniscient, Oxymoron, Oxalic Acid, Ornithine, Oboe, Obfuscate, Oblique, Oblong, Obstreperous, Odyssey, and Oz.

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