Wednesday August 30, 2006

M is For...

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M is For...

  • Macintosh - The world's best computer (especially since Mac OS X) Mac OS - Mac OS has been my favorite desktop system since I started working for Apple in 1986..

  • Mac OS X - My current operating system. The Mac look plus Unix underpinnings. Mac OS X: It Just Works.

  • Maine Coon - One of the very best breeds of cat. Maine Coons are large and fluffy with big feet, "well-furnished" ears, sweet voices, and plumey tails.

  • Malachite - one of my favorite semi-precious stones, malachite is vivid green with darker green bands and circles.

  • Maroon - One of my favorite colors.

  • Maryland - I went to graduate school in Microbiology at the University of Maryland, College Park. I met Rich while I was living in Maryland.

  • Mensa - I am a member of Mensa., as is Rich. That's how we met.

  • Mezzaluna - Our lovely girlcat, the princess in white boots.

  • Microbiology - I have B.S. and M.S degrees in Microbiology. Although I have never been a professional microbiologist, the background helped me land three scientific programming jobs.

  • M&Ms - Now available in dark chocolate. YUM!

  • Murder mysteries - One of my favorite fiction genres for reading.

  • Myopia - I've been myopic (nearsighted) for most of my life. Now, as I'm getting older, my prescription doesn't change much from year to year. On the other hand, I now have presbyopia to add to the myopia and astigmatism. Thank goodness for progressive multifocal lenses.

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