Wednesday August 23, 2006

L is For...

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L is For...

  • Laboratory - I've spent quite a bit of time in science labs of one sort or another. I "majored" in Science in High School and beyond. I have degrees in Microbiology. But I'm much happier out of the lab and working on the computer.

  • Labyrinth - One of my favorite movies. Many of the Labyrinth cast members are muppets.

  • Ladybug - I'm fond of ladybugs. Once, after a trip to visit my parents in central PA, we found a ladybug sitting on the roof of the car as we were about to leave. "Well", we said to each other, "it will fly away". When we stopped at a rest stop over an hour later, there was the ladybug, still clinging to the roof. We gently shooed it off to find a new home.

  • Lagniappe - a nifty word, meaning "a little something extra". Lagniappe is also the name of a stunning 1:12 miniature mansion I saw written up in a Miniatures magazine years ago.

  • Lancaster - Lancaster County, PA is home to many Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch people, interesting markets, and wonderful restaurants with tasty food served family style.

  • Laptop - The laptop computer is a great invention. We have one sitting next to the couch for easy access.

  • Lee - My middle name. I'm don't much care for it (sorry, Mom). I generally just use the initial, L.

  • Lemonade - I enjoy a glass of lemonade now and then.

  • Lemon - I love lemon in water or Diet Coke. I can't stand lemon in tea. This has been known to confuse waiters. On occasion, I've had my Diet Coke refilled with iced tea.

  • Lilac - We had a huge purple lilac tree in our backyard when I was growing up. It was just outside my bedroom window. I love the smell of lilacs. I now have a white lilac bush in my own backyard. In the spring, I go out and press my nose into the blossoms and breathe deeply.

  • Lox - With freshly toasted bagels, cream cheese, red onion, and tomatoes. I had my first taste of lox & bagels when I was in grad school (although I had eaten smoked salmon before that). Mmmmmmmmmm. Not an acquired taste at all!

  • Lynn - My sister's middle name. I don't know how she feels about it; I've never asked.

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