Sunday August 13, 2006

Weekly Wrap-up 2006_32

The weather was nice again.

This was week 9 at the Job.

I've been commuting by train since the first day but I almost missed the train on Monday morning!

I got up as usual, fed the cats, got dressed. But a friend of ours was here (he'd stayed overnight on a trip north) and Rich had made tea and I sipped a mug of tea and talked to our friend.

I put on my shoes at 6:45, still in plenty of time. But I think some of the clocks were a little off.

Then I went in to say goodbye to Rich... And then as I was heading out, our friend said "Wait, I'm leaving too" and came out behind me so I lost a couple of minutes there.

There was no condensation on the car but a little bit of traffic and I had to drive around the lot a little because I drove past all the empty spaces. I still thought all was fine. The big station clock said 7:09. And then I saw the train come in.

I hurried up the escalator thinking it had to be the 7:01 running late but the LED clock on the BART kiosk said 7:16. (My train is at 7:17). So it was my train, a bit early. I hurried faster.

I really didn't think I'd make it. I was waving as I ran down the stairs (carefully to avoid tumbling) but the conductor didn't see me (although if I'd dropped a marble it might have hit her). But as she turned to board I said "Aack!!" and she heard me and didn't board and I ran down the last flight and into the train.


I've been playing with some more CMS and Wiki systems this week. I installed TinyWiki (a simple Wiki written in under 100 lines of Perl) and the "new" Social Text Open Wiki.

We tried a new Guatemalan restaurant on Saturday (new to us; it's apparently been around a long time.) It wasn't bad. The "milkshake" (actually a mixed fruit smoothie) was lovely. The "hot chocolate" was... different. Made with water, not milk, but tasty once I got over the fact that it wasn't at all what I was expecting.

The tamale was odd. The chicken in cream sauce was tasty. The taquitos and chillitas rellanos were good. Much of the food arrived buried in lettuce, cilantro, parsley, and onions. This wasn't a bad thing, just ... green. The hot sauce was. Hot. We watched as the man at the next table kept spooning it onto his lunch. Whoa! Fireproof tongue.

This week I read Raven's Strike, a fantasy by Patricia Briggs. We also made a trip into the City which included a visit to Cody's books. So, lots more to read, when I have the time!

In between and around the rest, I've had almost enough naps and plenty of snuggles with the cats. There have been good meals and interesting conversations with Spouse and friends.

Onward and Upward.

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